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Since Forever

Our Story

Shoshi Cafe Founded
Shoshi Cafe works since 2005 and the growth is based on our unique flavored and taste of coffee also the taste of the food.
Shoshi Cafe Services
We have always offered the best services for our customers around the place. We want to be recognized or familiar for our best dishes that we serve since the opening of the this place and we want to continue in this way.
Shoshi Cafe Announcements
Shoshi Cafe continues to grow through services and our employers by giving the customers the best coffee experience.

A Modern Place

Shoshi Cafe is a coffee shop based on Florida the has a history more than 15 years in this business.If you crave great coffee, you’ll love knowing that we provide a real alternative to chains with handcrafted coffee and espresso drinks, a full tea bar, and real food options.Be sure to check out our weekend specials, when we go all out to provide you with new options that are delicious and different. Finally, we also serve a wide variety of salads, sandwiches and flatbreads for lunch-lovers.